Welcome to Island County Code Enforcement. This process includes accepting complaints, performing in-house research and on-site investigation, collection of evidence and in the event of a violation, a variety of enforcement responses.

The enforcement program operates on a formal complaint basis, which means public involvement is crucial. Public input and participation is welcome and appreciated. Formal Complaint Investigation Forms can be obtained at our Annex locations in Coupeville and on Camano Island or by clicking on the link below.

In most cases, when a violation is verified, a letter is transmitted to the violating party explaining the infraction and requesting voluntary compliance. In situations where attempts at voluntary compliance fail or in cases of more severe violations, an Administrative Enforcement Order is issued.

To request an investigation print, fill in, and mail this form to us:
All forms must be complete and signed to be processed. Due to security and processing concerns, requests sent via e-mail will not be considered.


NOTE: Pursuant to RCW 42.56.240(2), certain personal records may be considered exempt from public disclosure requests. You may request to have your personal information, including name and address remain anonymous if you believe that disclosure of such information may endanger your life, physical safety or property. Such information will not be provided to anyone outside of County employment and is kept in a secured location. Your formal complaint will be assigned an investigation number and immediately logged into our database. Enforcement staff will review the complaint and make a priority determination. Staff will contact you either by phone (if possible) or in writing to notify you of the status of your request. Response times are based on the severity of the violation and current caseload of staff.


Department of Planning & Community Development
Re: Code Enforcement
PO Box 5000
Coupeville, WA 98239

Telephone: 360-679-7339
Fax: 360-679-7306