The Courthouse Facilitator Office is located at 501 N. Main Street, Coupeville, Washington.

The telephone number is (360) 678-7981.

The Courthouse Facilitator assists people who do not have an attorney and who need help understanding forms and procedures in Superior Court Family Law cases.

The Courthouse Facilitator is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.

To make an appointment with the Courthouse Facilitator please call (360) 678-7981.

Appointments are one hour long and the appointment fee is $40. Fee to be paid in cash, in advance at the Island County Clerks office.

Standard forms are available for purchase from the Courthouse Facilitator or can be downloaded for free from or

Please note that the Courthouse Facilitator’s office is not open for any walk-in requests. All contact must be initiated by calling Courthouse Facilitator at the number listed above.


Local Court Rules


(i)Parenting Plans and Child Support Orders Submitted by Pro Se Parties – Review.

In any action in which the residential care or child support of a minor child or children is at issue and in which none of the parties are represented by counsel, the parenting plan and child support documents shall first be reviewed, approved and initialed by the court facilitator in the county in which the action is pending, or if there is no court facilitator, by the juvenile court administrator.  A proposed parenting plan does not need to be initialed and approved before filing, but any parenting plan submitted for court approval must be so initialed and approved before the court will consider it.