The use of mandatory forms is required in any family law action.  Family Law Form packets may be purchased at the Courthouse Facilitator Office. Please contact the Courthouse Facilitator at 678-7981 to make arrangements to pick-up a packet of forms in family law matters.

Internet users can download forms and instructions from the following websites:

  1. Internet Site for Court Forms & Rules:
  2. Northwest Justice Project website has forms and instructions plus online legal information on a wide variety of civil issues:

Domestic violence and anti-harassment forms can be obtained from the Superior Court Clerk's office.

Samples of the following forms can be viewed in the LOCAL COURT RULES (Appendix A-I)

  1. Temporary Restraining Order
  2. Verified Statement of Assets and Liabilities
  3. Order Appointing Guardian ad Litem (Supplemental)
  4. Notice of Trial Setting
  5. Notice of Conflict Dates
  6. Statement of Readiness for Trial
  7. Order to Show Cause Re: Parenting Class
  8. Request for Entry of Decree and Declaration of Jurisdictional Facts
  9. Domestic Relations Pre-Trial Information
  10. Note for Motion Calendar

Declaration of Mailing
Supplemental Confidential Information Form
Residential Time Summary Report
Residential Time Summary Report Percentage Conversion Tool
Title 26 Guardian Ad Litem Registry
Title 11 Guardian Ad Litem Registry