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It may take up to ten days for ordinances adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and Board of Health to be updated on this page.

Ordinances Passed Since March 31, 2014 and Other Relevant Uncodified Ordinances

Date Adopted

Ordinance Number

Applies To

June 16, 2014
June 16, 2014
C-59-14 Revising Chapter 2.29 ICC to increase the minimum threshold for competitive solicitation and revise contract procedures for service contracts.
May 5, 2014
May 5, 2014
C-40-14 Revising Chapter 17.03 ICC regarding Marijuana Production, Processing and Retail as Authorized Under
May 15, 2006
(not yet effective - see ordinance for explanation)
C-150-05 Updates Island County's GMA Comprehensive Plan and Critical Area Regulations Relating to Existing and Ongoing Agriculture
May 2, 2011
Expired: 11/02/11
C-42-11 Adopting an Interim Official Control that regulates the use of property within the Freeland Non-Municipal Urban Growth Area