Alternatives to Detention 

The Alternative to Detention Work Crew Program provides an opportunity for eligible youth to perform community restitution on a supervised work crew in lieu of serving secure detention sentences. 

The Alternatives to Detention Program was established to provide eligible youth with an alternative, yet less restrictive, means of resolving detention sentences.  Since 1996 these  programs have allowed youth to serve the community without compromising public safety.

Work Crew is NOT the same as regular Community Restitution.  The crews consist of 3-5 youths that are supervised at all times.  Work Crew Supervisor makes all of the arrangements for work crew sites while still providing supervision.

Not everyone will qualify; it depends on the seriousness of the offense, criminal history, and attitude. Referrals are screened by the Alternatives to Detention Work Crew Supervisor, who determines eligibility.

All work performed on the Work Crew is done with nonprofit and/or County Agencies. 

The Facts about the Alternatives to Detention Work Crew Program:


For more information, please contact  Island County Juvenile Court Services @ 360 679 7325