Truancy, At-Risk Youth, Children in Need of Services

Facilitator:  Cathy Lange

Non-Offender youth and their families are provided direct case management services for all the Becca Bill programs.  The Becca laws use the Court’s petitioning process to intervene and problem solve. Once a court order is signed, case plans are initiated and monitored.  These programs fall into the three categories as listed. 

TRUANCY: Attempts to solve school-related problems by enforcing the state mandated school attendance laws. Interventions are provided with schools and families to develop individual educational plans designed for student success.


AT-RISK YOUTH:  Youth who are out of control of a responsible adult, can be petitioned and summoned to Court and be ordered to stop their at-risk behaviors (running away, drug abuse, etc). A case plan is developed to address current at-risk behaviors. 


CHINS: CHILDREN-IN-NEED OF SERVICES.   These petitions allow parents or youth to request assistance from the court in situations where families are having intense conflict and an out of home placement or court authority is needed.


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