PLAN REVIEW KEY - This Plan Review Legend has been developed and is being used by Island County Planning & Community Development effective February 7, 2005, in an effort to standardize common corrections and speed review of your application.  If you have any questions please contact the Plans Examiner who completed your review.  We are also interested in any comments you have to improve this Legend.



Ref. # Code Subject
1. R 308.4 Safety glass (Temp.) 
2.  R 502.2.1 Fasteners not subject to withdraw at deck ledger.  Use bolts or design. 
3.  R 310 Escape/rescue window clear opening to be min. 24” high, min. 20” wide, min 5.7 sq. ft. and min 44” from finished floor. 
4.  R 502.11
R 802.10.5
Solid blocking to be at bearing point of trusses and rafters with uplift connection of 175 lbs on the truss.
5.  R 502.7
R 802.8
Floor joists, ceiling joists and rafters to be blocked at bearing points.
6.  R 602.10.8 Blocking or joist under interior brace wall panel. 
7.  R 602.6
R 602.7
Notching & Boring
8.  R 602.10 Exterior brace wall panels (BWP) & interior brace wall panels (IBWP) 
9.  R 602.10.7 Full depth solid blocking at horizontal edges on IBWP's and BWPS
10.  R 802.2 Beam fails provide code complying fix to Building Dept. before installation. 
11.  R 703.9 Flashing per R703.8. (windows, doors, chimneys, deck ledgers.
12.  ICC 17.03.180 Eaves 18” max.
13.  R 905.2.7 2 layers 15 lbs. felt on 2:12-4:12 roof pitch. 
14. R 703.7 Veneer to meet Chpt. 7 of the IRC 
15.  R 807 Insulate, weather strip 22" X 30" attic access. WSEC 502.4.3


Ref. # Code Subject
16. R 311.5.6 Handrails per IRC – 34” to 36”, stairs 36”min.
17. R 312 Guardrails per IRC – 36” min.
18. R 303.6 Stairway lighting: switch at top and bottom, 1 Ft. candle at floor / treads
19. R 311.5 Stair: riser 7-3/4" max, run 10" min. from nose to nose.  Special nosing configuration. 
20. R 311.5.3.2 Minimum tread of 6" on winders, with minimum tread of 10" @ 12" away, not to vary more than 3/8” from the largest to the 6 smallest.  See Code.


Ref. # Code Subject
21. UPC 909 Island sink venting to meet UPC 909
22. UPC 807.4 Air gap at dishwasher. 
23. UPC 412.11  Shower head should not discharge at entrance.


Ref. # Code Subject
24. VIAQC Table 3-1; 303.3.2 VIAQC 303.4 50cfm VTO bathroom, 100cfm VTO kitchens. 
Whole house fan size per Table 3-2 with forced air furnace.
25. R 313 Smoke detectors hardwired and inter-connected with battery back-up, 110 volts. 
26. IRC chap. 10 Chimney fireplace to meet Chpt. 10 of IRC 
27. Various Codes Inserts, Stoves, Fireplaces:  listed appliances installed per manufacturers specifications, combustion air or D.V., glass or metal doors.
28. M 1307.3.1
IBC 1607.7.3
Bollard (2,000 lbs. load) for mechanical or plumbing equipment.   (Design in IBC)
29. Various code sections. Hot Water Tank (UPC 608.3-6 Pressure Relief Valve to outside, UPC 508.4 Water Tight Plumb Pan to outside, WSEC Table 5-12 Insulate lines in unconditioned space, M1307.3 18” from ignition source to finished floor in accessory to residence, UPC 508.2 Seismic straps at upper and lower 1/3’s of tank, IMC 703.1 & UPC 507 Combustion air for gas, propane and non-direct vents.)
30. R 602.8 Fire block vertical to horizontal space and every 10' horizontally. 


Ref. # Code Subject
31. R 319.1 P.T. or natural resistant to decay when exposed to weather (typical). 
32.  WSEC 502.1.6.7 6 mil. Black visquene in crawl space. 
33.  R 402.2 3,000 lbs. concrete at slabs and weather exposed concrete. 
34. R 402.1.1 All metal in contact with P.T. lumber to be hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel
35.  R 401.3 Exterior grade to slope away from building 6" in 10' or design drainage. 
36. R 408.1 & .3 Foundation vents within 3' of the corner, with clear area of 1sf/150sf not including screens. 
37. R 602.11.1 Anchor bolt washers (3"x3"x1/4" sq. ) hot dipped, galvanized if w/ P.T. wood 
38. R 602.10.11 Provide 1800 lbs. hold-down at end of BWP.
39. R 502.7 Positive connection, post to beam (typical) (Pinned or Post Base @ bottom)
40. R 402.1.2 60% retention on pressure treated structural members in contact with earth. (typical) 
41. R 319.1 Clearance from exposed earth to untreated wood plate is 8" and 6” to untreated siding. (typ.) 

R 403.1.3

Provide standard hook on vertical reinforcement bars @ 48” o.c.
43. WSEC 502.1.4.8 Thermal break between conditioned and un conditioned space.
44. R 408.3  Crawl Access min. 18x24.  Insulate and weather strip when in house.  WSEC 502.4.3
45. R2427.10.2.2 Vent connectors in unconditioned spaces shall be Type B or Type L or listed with equivalent insulation G
46. Table R404.1.1 Foundation walls retaining more then 4’ feet require grade 60 minimum vertical reinforcement.
47. R 309.3 Garage slab to slope toward Garage door. 

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