The Planning Commission is composed of nine volunteer citizens appointed by the BOICC. They make recommendations to the Board in matters concerning growth and development as authorized in the Planning Enabling Act (RCW 36.70).   Terms of appointment

bullet District 1: Karen Krug, Val Hillers, Dean Enell 
bullet District 2: Jeffery Wallin , George Saul
, Darin Hand
Bullet District 3: Scott Yonkman, Vacant, Beth Munson
MEETINGS: The Planning Commission meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month in the Island County Commissioners Hearing Room in Coupeville at 2:00 p.m. Three weeks prior to the meeting an agenda will be posted unless there is nothing pending upon its calendar.

Materials for the December 14, 2015 meeting will be posted as soon as they are available. 

Current Meeting Schedule for 2015




December 14    
October 26 * Listen
September 28 * Listen
September 14 * Listen
August 24 * Listen
August 10 Minutes Listen
July 27 Minutes Listen
May 11 Minutes Listen
April 27 Minutes Listen
March 23 Minutes Listen
March 9 MInutes Listen
February 23 Minutes Listen
January 27 Minutes Listen

* Minutes for this meeting are currently unavailable. By clicking on the word listen you can listen to the recorded meeting.





November 18 Minutes Listen
October 28 Minutes Listen
August 26 Minutes Listen
June 10 Minutes Listen
May 27 Minutes Listen Part 1 - Listen Part 2 (two segments)
May 13 Minutes Listen
April 8 Minutes Listen
March 25 Minutes Listen
March 11 Minutes Listen
March 10 Minutes Listen
February 25 Minutes Listen
February 11 Minutes Listen
January 28 Minutes Listen
January 7 Minutes Listen
December 10 Minutes Listen   -  workshop    (two segments)
November 19 Minutes Listen
September 24 Minutes Listen
September 10 Minutes Listen
August 27 Minutes Listen
July 23 Minutes Listen
June 25 Minutes Listen
April 9 Minutes Listen
February 11 Minutes Listen

Comments may be submitted via the Department mailing address or by email. There are also public comment periods at each Planning Commission meeting and the opportunity for formal testimony at Planning Commission public hearings. Remember that they are your volunteer representatives on county land issues:

Department of Planning & Community Development
Planning Commission
PO Box 5000
Coupeville, WA 98239

Telephone: 360-679-7339
Fax: 360-679-7306

Click here  for CPA Application

Comprehensive Plan/Development Regulation Review and Amendment Procedures   

(CPA): As described in Island County Code (ICC) 16.26.010, a CPA establishes procedures pursuant to Chapter 36.70A. RCW, for the review and amendment of the Comprehensive Plan and implementing Development Regulations found in Titles 8, 13, 16, and 17 ICC. All amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations shall be approved by the Board of Island County Commissioners and proceed as a Type IV decision pursuant to Chapter 16.19 ICC.          Application must be received by February 1, for inclusion in that year's Docket.