Budget Proposals

Like all County Offices, we must prepare a budget proposal every year that sets forth our predictions of the expenditures that will be necessary to run the office.  My budget proposals have always included an annual report to the Board of Island County Commissioners, who determines our budget for the coming year.

Our budget proposals are based on the existing year's budget, and only document the proposed modifications for the coming year.  A complete budget for the office is available from the Island County Budget Director.

Please feel free to send the Prosecutor feedback on the budget proposals, using the "Contact Us" link at the left.

You may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the budget proposals.

As a courtesy to the citizens of Island County, I have posted the 2011 budget proposals that were distributed to all department heads by the Budget Director.  Where no link is active, that department's budget  proposal was not available at the time they were distributed.

Thank you for your interest.