Island County Solid Waste

Recycling and trash services in Island County are provided by a combination of private companies and local governments. Island County contracts out recycle services, trash long haul and disposal services. Trash collected in Island County is sent to Allied Waste’s Roosevelt Regional Landfill.

Recyclables collected at County recycle parks on Whidbey Island are processed and marketed by Island Recycling (360-331-1727.)

On Camano Island, recyclables collected at the curb or at the Camano Island Transfer station are processed and marketed by Waste Management’s Cascade Recycling Center.

Have it Collected

Waste Management collects trash and Curbside recycling on Camano Island. 800-592-9995

The City of Oak Harbor collects trash, recyclables and yard waste for its residents.

Island Disposal, a Waste Connections company, collects residential trash in unincorporated Whidbey Island, the City of Langley and the Town of Coupeville. 321-1331 or 678-5701

E-mail for Recycling Information:

Haul Your Own

See Solid Waste Locations
Whidbey Recycle Brochure

Private Sector Businesses


Lautenbach Industries, Serving Island County and NW Washington, 360-757-4000


Concrete Nor’west, Oak Harbor, 360-675-2626


Lakeside Industries, Anacortes, 360-293-2168
Krieg Construction, Oak Harbor, 360-679-4151
Rempel Bros., Greenbank, 360-678-4622


Whidbey: Island Disposal, Inc., 360-678-5701 or 360-321-1331
Camano: Waste Management, Inc, 800-592-9995


Concrete Nor’west, Oak Harbor, 360-675-2626 (phone prior to delivery)
Ed’s Construction, Coupeville, 360-678-4021
Mailliard’s Landing Nursery, Oak Harbor, 360-679-8544
Rempel Bros, Greenbank, 360-678-4622


Island Recycling, Freeland, 360-331-1727
Oak Harbor Recycling Center (Non-ferrous metals, papers), Oak Harbor, 360-675-9193


Christian ’s Auto Recycling, Oak Harbor, 360-675-8442
Island Recycling, 360-331-1727
JK Eastbury Salvage, Marysville, 360-659-1540
Skagit River Steel & Recycling, Burlington, 800-869-7097


Mailliard ’s Landing Nursery, Oak Harbor, 360-679-8544
City of Langley, Pre-paid punch cards available from City Hall, 360-221-4246
F-1 Sand & Gravel (brush & land-clearing debris), Oak Harbor, 360-675-0718
Lenz Enterprises, Stanwood, 360-629-2933

Electronics Recycling

Island County and Island Recycling are participants in the E-Cycle Washington program that is paid for by the manufacturers. E-Cycle Washington is an example of an industry taking some responsibility for the end fates of their products, or “product stewardship.”

What’s Accepted:

Televisions, Monitors, Computer towers (“cpu’s”)
Lap-top computers

Sorry, not Accepted in the E-Cycle Washington system:

DVD players, Clock Radios, Keyboards, mice, Printers, External drives or other peripherals

There are some businesses that accept these to recycled for a fee. Try the Take-it-Back Network of businesses that accept small and large quantities of all types of electronics. Fees vary.

Locations in Snohomish County
Locations Outside Snohomish
County King County Program
Manufacturer Programs (Apple, Dell, Gateway, HP)

E-Cycle Washington Participating Locations

Camano Transfer Station & Recycle Park
North Whidbey Transfer Station & Recycle Park
Coupeville Solid Waste Complex

Island Recycling, Freeland

Please bring enough ‘muscle power’ to unload your electronics and place on the provided pallets.

E-Cycle Washington is paid for by electronics manufactures. Computers, monitors and televisions contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other metals that toxic, persistent and sometimes bioaccumulative in the environment. Steel and plastic can be recycled. Recycling eligible electronics through the E-cycle Washington program prevents environmental contamination and saves you money!

Recycling Questions?

If you have a question about waste reduction, recycling, composting, or household hazardous waste that isn't addressed on this website, call the Recycling Information Line weekdays, 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

North/Central Whidbey, 679-7386
South Whidbey, 321-5111 ext 7386
Camano, 629-4522 ext 7386

Weekend phone numbers are located with site information above.