Aggression Replacement Training (A.R.T.)

Anger is a strong emotion and the inability to manage anger has resulted in the incarceration of many youth. Island County Juvenile Court is offering youth the opportunity to learn alternative behaviors to aggression. The program is called Aggression Replacement Training.


WHAT IS A.R.T.? A.R.T. is a ten-week, thirty-hour intensive intervention that includes pro-Social Skills training, Anger Control and Moral Reasoning.

Social Skills training is comprised of a series of 10 constructive skills that are positive alternatives to aggressive responses.

Anger Control training is designed to teach youth an outlet for their anger other than aggression by teaching the skills necessary to recognize and control their anger.

Moral Reasoning component is intended to increase the capacity of youth to understand and respond to moral issues and dilemmas when personal desires conflict with personal or organizational responsibilities.