The Maintenance Group is comprised of four Road Shops that are responsible for maintaining the county road system.  This includes vegetation management, drainage maintenance, resurfacing preparation, chip sealing, striping, snow plowing and sanding, and debris removal.

Road Shops can be contacted directly for concerns regarding vegetation or drainage concerns, or debris removal.


Bayview Road Shop        360-321-5292

            Addresses south Whidbey Island up to Woodard Road in Freeland


Camano Road Shop        360-387-7913 x 231

Addresses all of Camano Island


Coupeville Road Shop     360-678-4310

Addresses central Whidbey Island from Woodard Road in Freeland to Libbey Road in Coupeville


Oak Harbor Road Shop   360-675-2004

Addresses north Whidbey Island down to Libbey Road in Coupeville


If you have any questions or comments regarding Island County Public Works, please contact Bill Oakes, Island County Engineer / Public Works Director, 360 679 7331.