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2nd half 2015 PROPERTY TAXES

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Welcome to the Island County Treasurer's website!

To access property tax information on-line, highlight "Property Data" in the column to the right and follow the prompts.

The Treasurer is elected to a four year term. The Treasurer's Office provides services relating to the financial operations of the Island County Government. The Treasurer is custodian of all funds for Island County as well as junior taxing districts and special taxing districts (schools, fire districts, hospital, cemetery districts, diking districts, water districts, ports, cities, etc.) located within Island County.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Oversight for monies of the county, cities, and all junior and special taxing districts.
  • Billing, collecting, and administering real and personal property taxes, special assessments and fees, gambling taxes.
  • Collecting excise taxes on sales or transfers of real property and mobile homes.
  • Accounting for all funds and deposits of revenue for the State, County, and special purpose districts.
  • Depositing and investing all funds for the County and junior taxing districts. Provide banking services for the County and junior taxing districts.
  • Administering short and long-term debt financing.
  • Foreclosing on property for delinquent taxes.

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